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The 5ive

When we are in a difficult conversation, we tend to rely on bad habits.

Here are 5ive good power tools that are particularly effective.

If we start using the 5ive when we are comfortable, then it will be easier to rely on them during challenging situations.

1. Pause Before Responding.

Pause to breathe. Pause to reflect. Pause to think. A Pause is never a moment of nothing.

2. Listen More.

Focus on what the other person is saying, without planning your next question or statements.

3. Ask Better Questions.

Be curious. Ask questions to learn, not just to confirm your own assumptions.

4. State your Expectations.

Say what you want and need. Expectations cannot be met if they are not known.

5. Say You Don’t Know When You Don’t Know.

Give yourself permission to not know something...yet.

The 5ive will empower you.



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