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Select One

Which one would you select?

a) Pause Before Responding (especially in intense situations).

b) State Your Expectations (and be sure to say them out loud).

c) Listen More (and stop thinking about your response).

Now what?

Just do it.

Intentionally think about it each morning.

Write it on a post-it.

Note it on your calendar.

Act on it.

Find opportunities to use your selection.

Keep trying it out.

Find what works.

Reflect on when it is was difficult to do.

Learn from it.

Keep that post-it in front of you when you are on a Zoom.

Think about it before your next conversation.

Just do it.

It takes intention, attention, and repetition.

Once you have mastered the selection,

it is like acquiring a new power tool.

Pull it out when needed.

Communication will change and improve.

It will have impact, so just do it.



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