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Say Hello and Happy New Year

Greetings do matter. We are humans who seek connections…yes, even in the workplace. Not sure how to begin? The start of a New Year is a perfect time to initiate saying hello to your co-workers, and to combine it with a “Happy New Year.” What else? Smile. These seemingly simple gestures can be the start of a business relationship that will likely have a positive impact throughout the year.

When a relationship exists between colleagues, it provides a framework for improved communication, understanding…and managing conflict. We are more inclined to ask questions of people with whom we feel comfortable. Those questions provoke more conversation…and that leads to learning, brainstorming, and creativity.

How is this important? For me, and many of you, we want to enjoy our work AND we want to enjoy the people with whom we work. It means that we need to network with our colleagues, management, clients, service providers and whomever else we may encounter. You can take the “work” out of networking by being curious about others. Think of networking as staying in touch with people who are interesting, who you can learn from, and who you admire. Networking is sharing ideas, discussing topics, and enjoying conversations.

Here’s how to get started. Send a message to a colleague, arrive at your next Zoom meeting a few minutes early, or call someone…then, say Hello & Happy New Year!

I am sure that these greetings will be the start of new and renewed business relationships – and the results will be more enjoyment in the workplace!



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