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Cool Your Hot Button

Do you have a Hot Button?

Maybe you have a few of them?

Hot Buttons are those annoyances that trigger or rather, over-trigger your response.

Let’s take a word or phrase that just irks you. We all have them.

Some of mine are:

“Calm down,”

“Stop being so emotional,”


What’s yours?

Think about it right now for 10 seconds.

Do you feel the tension building?

That response needs your attention.

When you hear the phrase that bothers you, your response is based on all the prior times you heard that phrase.

When you NOW hear that bothersome phrase, take a deep breath and hold your response.

Listen to what else is being said. Respond to the content AND NOT to that irksome phrase.

Our Hot Buttons are based on the past, so we need to cool them for the future.



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