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Have you ever thought that there was no solution?

Have you been in a conversation or at a meeting with that thought?

Thinking that, is what prevented resolution.

Our mindset matters.

We must believe there is a possible solution even when it seems so unlikely that there is one.

Know that there is a solution…even if you don’t know what it is.

Be open to the possibility of discovering a solution together.

Listen to the other person’s ideas.

Identify what works, what might work, and what won’t work.

Do the same for your ideas.

Then, put those ideas aside, and brainstorm without limitations.

Next, walk away to take a break.

Meet again with fresh eyes…and ears.

Keep believing that there is a solution to be discovered.

You will find it together.

It will take time and hard work.

Success will come because your mindset will lead you there.

Resolution is possible.

Our mindset matters.



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