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Ask Better Questions

If we want to have better conversations in the workplace, then we need to ask better questions. We usually start with questions based on our assumptions. Those questions usually ask for a yes or no answer, and that will either confirm or deny our assumptions.

Instead, we need to ask questions to learn, not just to confirm.

Start with curiosity.

Be receptive to learning what you don’t know.

Ask to Add Some Knowledge.

If you ask questions similar to these:

> Do you agree with this?

> Don’t you think that is a waste of time?

> Can you resolve this?

Then, you will likely hear yes, no, or another one-word response.

If you ask questions like these:

> What are your thoughts?

> What are the benefits?

> What ideas are you thinking about?

Then, the responder perceives that you have also said, “I want to hear from you” and “what you have to say is important.” Thus, the exchange will more likely include information that will facilitate more learning and understanding.

Be curious.

Ask to learn.



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