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The Conflict Strategist

Empowering Leaders, Teams & Employees to Embrace and Manage Conflict in the Workplace

" Thanks to Leslie's guidance, I will be more confident & effective in dealing with conflict."

" I learned so many new skills that I can apply to my professional and personal life."

Got conflict? If you and your team are stuck in conflict, The Conflict Strategist will get you unstuck.


With a change in mindset and through better communication, conflict is a strategic business opportunity.

Read My Blog, The Strats; bite-sized STRATegieS featuring actionable tips and life hacks to guide you through difficult conversations and workplace conflict. 

The Conflict Strategist, Leslie Nydick, has a broad background in business, negotiation, and conflict management. She has extensive experience as a mediator, arbitrator, consultant, and educator. 

Throughout her career, Leslie has honed her skills and techniques to more effectively manage negotiations, challenging conversations and conflict in the workplace. She IS your source for developing those same skills and techniques.

Let's manage conflict, together. Contact Leslie Nydick for tips, strategies, and more.

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